Here’s an interesting one, a new study was done looking at the “Laugh-per-Minute” factor of comedy movies. Scoring them by which movies offered the most here’s the Top 10

10. “Life of Brian” (1.2 laughs per minute)
9. “Shaun Of the Dead” (1.3)
8. “Bridesmaids” (1.4)
7. “American Pie” (1.5)
6. “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (1.6)
5. “Borat” (1.7)
4. “Superbad” (1.9)
3. “The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!” (2.3)
2. “The Hangover” (2.4)
1. “Airplane!” (3)

…Pretty solid list, however I’d have to throw in an “Ace Ventura Pet Detective” in there somewhere (Ace still makes me laugh everytime!)
Is your favourite comedy missing? Leave a comment and let me know!