2013 looks like its going to be an awesome year for movies.

You see that right there? That is a movie poster for the new SUPERMAN movie they are making. Comic book movies are all the rage right now and the only  superman movies we have are those campy ones from the 80s where his flying looked really fake.

“Man Of Steel” will be out June 11th.


Going Chronologically now - February 14th will bring us the 5th Die Hard movie: A Good Day To Die Hard.

Normally I can’t help but criticize the 5th instalment of  a movie that originally came out in 1988… but Bruce Willis is just too damn awesome.


March will bring us a remake of The Wizard Of Oz called “Oz The Great And Powerful”. It will star James Franco.



In May you can get excited for IRON MAN 3. Check out the trailer:



You will also see the Little Mermaid rereleased in 3D, A sequil to The Hobbit, Star Trek, The Hunger Games, Thor, and best of all… ANCHORMAN