What you are about to read sounds insane, but I promise you, it’s all true:

Mars One is a company run by Bas Lansdorp. They say they have the technology to put people on Mars, and they plan to do it – REALITY SHOW STYLE.

They want to send people to mars, but never bring them back; their job will be to colonize Mars. The only problem is that it will cost about 6 Billion dollars. How do you get that kind of money? Advertising.

They will film the whole thing, from selecting the people to go to mars, training them, launching them, living on mars, and ultimately, dying on mars. The cameras will roll 24/7 365 days a year.  Advertising from the last Olympics brought in 3.9 Billion in one week so they imagine their version of ‘The Truman Show’ on Mars will bring in even more.


Would you want to live one Mars? Would you want to be on reality TV? What about being a part of history?

Perfect, because they are talking applications.

Just keep in mind, it costs $38 to register and you will never see your family again.